We Got Married-> kegilaanku

i missed those loudly laugh from 'buin'
i missed those silly statements from 'shillang'
i missed when they slowly get interest to each other.
i missed when they asked to burst out their feeling inside.
i missed when they said 'sarangaheyo' to each other.
i missed when buin sew clothes and curtain for their house.
i missed when shillang cut those pictures of food and pasted it on their dining table.
i missed when they fight-for-5 minutes
i missed when shillang get jealous to his buin.
i missed when they do the missions together.
i missed when they did their 'aegyo' to each other.
i missed when buin cooked for shillang and patiently wait for him safely back from work.
i missed when shillang plays buin a song titled 'bogoshipda' with piano
and i missed them for everytime even im watching one of them only.

shillang: "hwang buin, saranghae...." *lawak time ni*

buin : "eeum..eeum..euum......" *lawak jugak*

and i think i should watch these show again and again cause it hard to believe that they only a make-believe couple. they didnt get together in real life. Hwang Bo and Hyunjoong. they are knew as SSANGCU COUPLE. its really enjoy watching these series of We Got Married - Hwang bo ang Hyunjoong couple.trust me, they showed u that ages are just a number. nothings can stop them from being a sweet 'husband and wife'. :)

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Afeeqa said...

kan best klo dpt lelaki mcm yg kawen dgn bini lagi tua tu. dah la comel, romantik sikit2. hehe. tp lupa nama dia. sape ek chort?

durianjawa said...

haa...dorg ni la aku dok ckpkan tu.ssangcu couple.kim hyunjoong ngn hwang bo.